How To Sew Fashion Doll Clothes

Hi! This site is about how to sew the best fashion doll clothes ever. No matter how much or little you know about sewing, I will show you how to get professional sewing results every time.

Sewing dolls clothes requires a few specialized techniques and materials to get perfect results. I will show you the best fabrics to use, how to avoid stains on vinyl, Raja in Capri Pantsand the right techniques to sew tiny seams and hems on very small clothes.

If you follow my instructions carefully, you will be able to sew well-made and well-fitting clothes for fashion dolls.

I cover sewing doll clothes for 12-inch dolls, such as Barbie and Fashion Royalty. I will also tell you how to sew for 16-inch dolls, such as Tyler, Brenda Start, Gene, the Sybarites, JamieShow, Antoinette, and others. You could also apply these instructions to antique dolls such as Bleuette.

So get out your dolls and sewing machine—we’re going to have some real fun!

How to Sew Fashion Doll Clothes
How to sew fashion doll clothes, a plethora of sewing tips and sewing instructions to make your fashion doll clothes perfect!
Your Sewing Room
Set up a Sewing Room or Other Sewing Space
Sewing Machines for Sewing Doll Clothes
The best sewing machines for sewing doll clothes
Pressing Tools t for Sewing Doll Clothes
You need the proper Pressing Tools so you can press the seams in your doll clothes properly. Here is what you need.
Sewing Notions for Doll Clothes
A description of specialized sewing notions you will need for making doll clothes. It's important to have buttons, buckles and zippers that are in scale for your doll.
Small Sewing Tools
Several small sewing tools will make the job easier.
Needles and Pins
How the right sewing needles and pins can make a difference.
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About Me
A description about me, how I learned to sew and make doll clothes.
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