Sewing Notions for Doll Clothes

Sewing notions are any small items used in making clothes, such as zippers, needles and pins , thread, buttons and so forth. For sewing doll clothes, many of these items need to be extra small. It's important to keep anything you use with dolls in scale, or it will ruin the whole look.

This goes for fabrics as well as notions. Out-of-scale notions will make your doll clothes look amateurish, plus you won't enjoy them as much. There's nothing so satisfying as having made an outfit that is perfect for your doll. And in scale notions will allow you to achieve perfection! :-)

While you may not need everything on this list, here is a list of accessories you will need to collect.

Doll Buttons

Elastic, Lace and Trims

Doll Zippers

Bias Binding

Metal Eyelets and Rivets

Buckles and Other Garment Fasteners


Dritz for Dolls may be a good source for many of these small items needed for sewing doll clothes. Check online retailers to see if they carry this line of doll supplies.

Scrapbook suppliers often carry small notions. I've found tiny doll buttons there, as well as other doll-sized supplies.

These notions should have you well on your way to sewing doll clothes that are both well-made and in scale with your doll!

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