A Gallery of My Doll Clothes that I've Sewn

Here is a gallery of my doll clothes sewing for various dolls I have. I will be adding more pictures from time to time, so check back often! 

Ello new dressEllo's New Dress
Ello Sunday BestEllo's Sunday Best
Here is Mei Li, a friend of Tyler's, wearing a silk gown I designed for the opening of Couture Doll Shops. It was featured in my shop there. I designed and made the earrings, bracelet, gloves and scarf to match the gown.
Detail of Mei Li's silk dress.
Venus de Royce can wear this dress too - she's "borrowed" it from Mei Li.
Raja and Venus are wearing identical sun dresses! Their clutches are coordinated with each other's dress. The frocks are made with light-weight quilting cotton.
Jamie Show and Ruyi are wearing identical knitted cotton dresses.

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