My Gallery of Doll Clothes, continued... (Gallery 2)

My gallery continued--more examples of doll clothes I've sewn for some of my favourite dolls.

Rayne, Grace and Rowen are dressed in fancy silk dresses for the Christmas Holidays.
Araminta is wearing a cotton calico summer dress made from reproduction 1850s fabric. Perfect for a summer evening!

Ivy Jordan looks set for work in her summer dress. This green dress is made from light-weight quilting cotton and was a Vogue Gene Marshall Doll pattern.
Tyler Wentworth is ready for dancing! She's waiting for Matt to pick her up for a fine summer evening. Her dress is light cotton.
Venus is wearing a tailored suit made from grey wool gabardine. It features a pencil skirt with a vent in the back and a fitted jacket. Her sweater is hand-knitted from lace-weight alpaca.

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