A Gallery of My Doll Clothes, continued (Gallery 3)

Here is another gallery of some of my latest creations. Knitting for dolls is also easy to do. You just need fine enough yarn and small enough needles.

Pop Sugar OutfitTonner Doll Amber models Pop Sugar, a 1960s-inspired outfit from Designs by Jude
Pop Sugar DressAmber models just the dress from PopSugar.

My gabardine suit also fits JamieShow dolls. Here is Jamie wearing the suit with a pink turtleneck sweater I knitted. The sweater yarn is lace-weigh alpaca knitted on very fine needles.
The gabardine suit is perfect for work! Here is Jamie at her drawing table.
Tyler Wentworth wears a cotton dress and a summer hat with a wide brim.

Louisa has a new embroidered silk dress for the holidays, with matching silk slippers.
Grace has a new cotton summer suit.

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