Doll Sewing Tutorials

Here is a catalog of doll sewing projects I’ve made up. Each doll sewing tutorial gives step-by-step directions on how to sew each pattern. They are in no particular order but most are fairly simple to make and don’t require any more sophisticated equipment than your sewing machine, an iron, and a few simple sewing tools. These tutorials are constantly evolving so stay tuned as I add more patterns over time. 

So get out your pattern and fabric. Set up your sewing space… if it’s not set up already. And let’s get started. 

1. Doll Sewing Tutorial: Pop Sugar Dress for Tonner Amber

Pop Sugar outfitPop Sugar outfit
Pop Sugar dressPop Sugar dress

Here is a fun 1960s inspired outfit for Tonner doll Amber. It included a mod dress and a shaggy Fun Fur jacket. The pattern is from Designs by Jude. Click here to start!

2. Doll Sewing Tutorial: Pyjamas for Tonner Prudence Moody 

Pru and Amber's new night clothes.Prudence Moody has new pyjamas and Amber has a new nightgown.

These pyjamas for Tonner Prudence Moody are very cute and pretty quick and easy to make. They are made from Liberty of London printed cotton lawn. The pattern is from Designs by Jude. Click here to start!

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