Doll Buttons

For doll buttons, you can begin by collecting the smallest sewing buttons you can find. Check ones meant for children’s clothes. In the case of the larger dolls, such as Cissy, Tonner’s American Models, or 60 cm BJDs, this may be all you need.

Doll Buttons kept in jewellers cases

A button storage system will make it easy to find your buttons for dolls. I use watchmaker's cases which come stored in a flat, metal box. They're inexpensive and stack.

For smaller dolls, like 16-inch dolls or 12-inch dolls, you may need much smaller buttons. Occasionally I’ve found these buttons in a store, but likely you will have to get buttons for dolls online from a specialist supplier. (Dolls in the 16-inch size include Tonner Tyler and related dolls, Gene, Madame Alexander Alex, as well as fashion BJDs such as Sybarites, JamieShow, Numina, etc. Dolls like Barbie and Fashion Royalty are in the 12-inch range.)

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