Easy facing around neck and other curved edges

by Beth Bartell
(Port Orchard WA)

I sew for the 10" Wee 3 Friends doll and always had a problem in finishing the tiny curved necklines. Most materials fray easily with only one layer finish, especially since the edge must be clipped to accommodate the curve. A two layer finish is too bulky. Fray check is OK, but can leave the material stiff or sometimes discolored. I use the Seams Right rayon(?) roll tailoring notion as facing. It is very flexible and easy to use and stretches around sharp curves. Always run a stay stitching line around the neckline (or other curved surface) and use this line as your guide for sewing on the facing - so make sure it is even and uniform. This also tacks down your shoulder seams (or other connecting seams). Sew the facing to the garment from either the right side or the wrong side, whichever is easier to handle. Clip the seam edge carefully then stretch out the Seams Right facing. The excess facing can be trimmed without fraying. To finish you can top stitch around the neckline (or other curved seam) or clip the excess facing close to the seam line. Be careful not to use a too-hot iron when pressing the finished edge - you can distort the facing.

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