Easy fastening for doll clothes

I find that snaps and hooks & eyes are not always easy for tiny hands to open & close (or for my fat fingers to hold). I use little strips of Velcro to fasten doll clothes. Use a little glue to hold the Velcro in place and then sew down the sides after the glue is dry. I usually put at least 2 1" strips on a garment. Buttons can be sewn on the top side if desired.

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Not a fan of velcro either...
by: Christine

I never use velcro either - too bulky for smaller dolls and too stiff. I prefer snaps or even miniature zipper, if I can find them. Yeah, I have to buy this stuff from the US (I'm in Canada) and postage is expensive. I buy them in large lots to get as much "bang" for the buck as possible when ordering. Sometimes I've been lucky to find tiny snaps in a local fabric store. In that case, I buy up the lot!

Velcro? NO!
by: Vanita

Velcro is unsuitable as a fastener for pretty fabrics like satin or glitter knits, as it tears them to shreds. I always use snaps.

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