Easy Stitching of Tiny Velcro Pieces

by Marcia
(Lisbon, Iowa, USA)

To make little pieces of Velcro behave themselves when stitching in place, start with a washable glue stick, like the ones kids use for school and art projects. The ones that go on purple and dry clear are the best.

1) Cut the Velcro to the needed size.

2) Dab the back of the Velcro piece with the Elmer's glue stick. The purple kind is very handy in making sure that you have good coverage.

3) Place the Velcro piece where desired on the item. Let dry. This often only takes a few minutes.

4) Now stitch the Velcro piece in place as desired. The glue will nicely hold the Velcro in place without you having to mess with pins or placing your fingers in harms way.

ADDITIOAL TIP: I have also used a glue stick to baste in place tiny turned-under neck and sleeve edges on doll clothes. This can greatly improve the neatness of such areas. When the doll outfit is complete, give it a good washing to remove the stiff areas created by the "glue basting."

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