I love sewing for the Barbie size dolls

by Brenda Visaya

Sewing miniature purses..

I will start by saying that I adore anything in miniature and when I see the FR purses and the delectable works of art from various miniaturists. I feel that I am not totally worthy of doing this tutorial. I love the realistic and very fashionable purse that come with the FR and Silkstone dolls and realized quite a few years ago that these tiny pieces were not my forte and I am still awed by how they are actually manufactured. In saying this, I have been challenged to create handbags to complete my ensembles, first because I am a completist and love to offer the full finished look and also because I felt that from the beginning, if I stayed consistent and made the Ultrasuede purses part of my style, then I could create them over and over in different ways, but always they would be a so called trademark of my work. I think my love of Ultrasuede is apparent and I have archived 100s of photos of ensembles with a matching purse. Creating these little pieces have ebbed and flowed during the years, being they are the most involved pieces of my sewing beside hats and there were many times when the task of building them was daunting and it is ALWAYS the last piece to get done. I have learned that it is not always necessary to have a handbag or purse with an outfit, but personally, because I do love them, I sleep better at night knowing it will , and just maybe, the handbag is the most appealing part. I am never sure!

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You are my inspiration
by: Bette

Everyday I take time to look at the fashions you create. Amazing detail and fit! My love of Barbie has lasted 53 years. Sewing for her is my passion as I pass my creations on to my grand girls. Thank you for your devotion to my lifelong friend.

Thank you Joyce
by: Matisse

I am glad you have found Barbie again, I think that happens for all of us who grew up with her. It is something that remains with us and to recapture the fun of playing, dressing and doing the hair is what it is all about.
Talk care

Love Your Doll Blogspot
by: Joyce Kama

I love your dolls and fashions, Brenda. You know I told you that fashion dolls have given me a new lease on life. I always loved Barbie, but felt I was being silly and that she was for little girls. However I had no clue about the large adult fashion doll population on the web, and you have been a powerful example for me. I look forward to ordering more of your doll clothing patterns and perhaps some purse.

Keep up the good work!

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