Lining Fabric for Doll Clothes

Lining fabric for doll clothes may differ markedly from what is found in normal clothing. Often in commercial doll clothes, for example, those made by Tonner and some of the other companies, you will see the lining is white or a light colour, no matter the colour of the garment itself. They do this because dark fabrics and threads (especially black and red) stain vinyl. You too will want to pay attention to using light linings if you are sewing for vinyl dolls.


You’d be surprised how fast vinyl can stain! I put a pair of dark green gloves on a Tonner doll for an afternoon and after only 4 hours, the vinyl was terribly stained! If this happens to you, you need to buy a special stain-removing product to get it off. I can tell you, it’s so much easier to avoid the problem and not let those dark fabrics or thread touch your vinyl doll in the first place!

So use light-coloured linings and be safe. I’ve even had dark fabrics stain a resin Sybarite, so other dolls may not be safe from dark colours either. Be safe, not sorry!

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