Metal Eyelets and Rivets

Tiny rivets and metal eyelets are a great addition to your sewing notions for dolls. You can use them for custom fitted corsets or to make your own doll boots and doll shoes. Plus they make interesting closings for many types of garments.

Bustier backThe back of a bustier for Tonner doll Grace showing metal eyelets used for the fastening.

They are just the thing for adding a goth look! Use the rivets as decoration on leather pants or jeans. Make a long black dress that laces up. Let your imagination go wild!

Metal eyelets come in all sorts of colours in addition to the usual metal colours like copper, silver or gunmetal. You can choose the make them stand out or choose a colour that will blend into the colour of the garment. 

Important! Be sure to apply either metal or plastic eyelet washers on the back, so the rivet or eyelet doesn’t scratch your doll. Plus the rivet or eyelet will stay in place better. 

Application Tools

Tools for attaching metal eyelets and rivets to doll clothes.Here is a eyelet or rivet application kit and some eyelets. You can apply different sizes of metal eyelets or even rivets with this tool.

You will need an application tool to put them on your doll clothes. There are several types available. Some are shaped like pliers and you squeeze the eyelet into place with the eyelet pliers. One example is Crop A Dile, a tool made for putting eyelets into scrapbooks. It included a hole punch to make the holes you need to insert the metal eyelet itself. If you punch holes with this tool, you will have to apply Fray Check to the holes or the eyelets may rip out at some point.

You can also buy application kits that have different sizes of applicators so you can apply more than one size of metal eyelet. These tools are also usually sold in scrapbooking supply stores.

My Application Kit

My metal eyelet attachment toolsAttaching metal eyelets to the bustier. I use the awl to make a hole, insert the eyelet and use the punch with the hammer to set the eyelet. The 2 x 4 provides a soft base for the work which will not mar the eyelet.

I prefer to make the holes with a tailor's awl, which doesn't cut the fabric so it can't tear around the metal eyelet later. I pierce a hole with the awl, insert the eyelet and washer, and using a small hammer, I give it one good whack and it's in place. And not so hard on your hands as using eyelet pliers! I have a 6-inch piece of 2 x 4 that I place under the work, which doesn't damage the eyelet.

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