Pin Cushions

My mother used to just use her pins right out of the box. No pin cushions! It’s pretty awkward though—it’s really hard to pick up just one pin...

A cushion makes it much easier. Your needles and pins will be right at hand when you need them. They come in all shapes and sized and types. Here’s where you can use your imagination and choose what you like!

I have several kinds. I keep a magnetic one next to my sewing machine—I can just “throw” the pins at it as I sew.



***NEVER*** sew over pins!!! Doing this can seriously harm your sewing machine! Or even injure you... If the needle strikes the pin, it can bend and start skipping stitches. Or it can throw the timing off of your machine and you will have an expensive trip to the dealers to fix it. Or either the needle or pin can break off and go in your eye!

So just NEVER do this! Either remove the pins as you sew—or in difficult cases, baste the seam beforehand.


Pin Cushions

Different types of pins and cushions, both "stick-in" types and magnetic.

I use other types too. I keep my appliqué pins in a small Chinese cushion where you just stick the pins in.

A wrist cushion is handy for work away from your machine. Some people use this type exclusively because it is so portable.

And then there are the whimsical ones shaped like chairs or shoes and other shapes. If these appeal to you and serve your needs, go for it! There’s nothing like turning work into fun. ;-)

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