A Point Presser or a Tailor Board is Handy for Pressing Oddly-Shaped Seams

If you have a point presser, or better yet, a tailor board, you will find it easy to press tiny, oddly shaped seams when sewing doll clothes.

There are numerous little points and narrow or straight surfaces on these tools, especially the tailor board, that will fit tiny seams in shoulders, sleeves, side of jackets or other difficult to press areas.

Often, when you sew doll clothes, it is extremely difficult to get into these areas to do a decent pressing job. And the finished doll dress or jacket comes out looking homemade because the seams are not well pressed.

I've even noticed this problem on commercially made doll clothes--although in a factory setting, I don't think you are going to get the same quality of work as you will making individually hand-made quality doll clothes. At least not if you are following all my instructions! :-)

How To Use a Tailor Board

The tailor board can be placed in several different positions to get the full use of all its surfaces and edges.

Tailor Board Flat

Here is the board placed flat with the flat surface uppermost.

Tailor Board On End

Here is the board placed on end

Tailor Board Upside Down

Here the tailor board is placed upside down.

You can place the board in these various positions to get a lot of different places to use for pressing.

Placed with the flat surface up, you have a flat place with tiny points for small areas.

Placed upside down or on either side, you have many protrusions that may just fit perfectly in a small area. And you have points for pressing collars and cuffs.

Placed on end, there are several sharp points that will get in very small areas that no other pressing tool will!

Try it out for yourself and see how versatile a tool it really is!

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