Thimbles and Beeswax

Talking about needles and pins brings up the subject using a thimble. Some people hate thimbles—I can’t sew without one! There are many kinds—leather, open-ended, stick-on, tailors, and so forth.

Using a thimble will save your fingers. Plus it's easier to push the needle through thick fabrics or leather.

Find one that fits your sewing style and use it. It will save your fingers. :-)

Thimble and Beeswax

Among your hand sewing needles and pins, be sure to include beeswax, a thimble, and a needle emery.



Beeswax is properly used to smooth and strengthen thread. !!! Don’t just run your thread through it and sew!!! Run your thread through the bee’s wax cake and then sandwich it between two sheets of paper. THEN press it with your iron—the wax will melt into the thread. It will slide through the fabric like greased lightning and won’t leave any white marks on the fabric!


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