Sewing Pins

Sewing pins these days are usually about one and a quarter inches long, and either have a “pin head” or a glass head. They used to make pins with plastic heads but they weren’t very “iron friendly”—they’d melt during pressing.

Glass head pins are useful—you can see them easily and they won’t melt under the iron if you press with them in.

Sometimes you can find glass head pins that are only one inch long—these shorter ones are better for doll clothes than the longer ones. If you see them, grab them.

Appliqué Pins

A great addition to your needles and pins are appliqué pins. These are absolutely the best pins for sewing doll clothes! These tiny pins are wonderful for weensy, awkward seams where longer pins are just a nuisance.

I use them for putting in sleeves or other difficult areas of doll clothes. They are so useful, I wouldn’t do without them!

You can find them anywhere quilting supplies are sold. Once you’ve tried them, you won’t go without either.

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