A Sleeve Board is Like a Mini-Ironing Board for Doll Clothes

My sleeve board is the tool for pressing doll clothes. It is just the right size for tiny clothes! With a few other pressing tools, you may not even need an ironing board.

It is just the right size to slide into tiny skirts or bodices. I use my board a lot, more almost, than any other pressing aid. You could very well use a pressing board, like quilters use, instead of an ironing board with one of these!

I think it works so well because it is just in scale for most doll clothes.

Sleeve Board and Dressmakers Ham

Here is my board with my dressmakers ham. The ham is useful for pressing curved places, such as darts. However, I usually find the ham too large, so mostly I use the curved end of a seam roll for the tiny darts in dolls clothes.

The small end of the tool is just the right size for most doll clothes pressing needs. And of course, you can turn it over for a slightly different surface.

If you don't have this tool, this is one piece of equipment you will use over and over--it is worth purchasing!

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