Pop Sugar Dress Tutorial Part 2

Making the Pop Sugar Dress

We continue on with the Pop Sugar dress tutorial. See the previous page if you haven't yet cut out the pattern. Now we go to the sewing machine. The dress itself is pretty easy and fast to construct. So let's get started!

Sew the dart of the lining.I am beginning with the lining. First, sew the dart seam. Press it downwards with the iron.
Sew the side seam of the liningNext, we sew the side seam of the lining. Sew from bottom to top.
Side seams sewnHere the side seams of the lining are sewn. Press them open with a iron.
Sew the DartsMark and sew the dart.
The dart is sewnHere is the sewn dart. Tie off the end of the dart with a small knot.
Press the dartI am pressing the dart downward, using the curved end of my seam roll.
The finished frontHere is the finished front, with the darts sewn and pressed downward.
Sew the side seamsSew the side seams. Sew from the hem to the top to follow the grain.
The finished front and side seamsThe front darts and side seams of the dress are finished.
The outside of the dressHere is the outside of the dress, finished, pressed, and ready to install the lining.
Pin the lining to the dressPin the lining to the outside fabric, right sides together and stitch along the top edge of the dress.
Top seam sewnThe top seam has been sewn. Clip the curves and trim the seam to about 1/8 inch.
Sew the hem seamSew the hem seam and clip those curves. You may also trim this seam a bit to about 1/8 inch.
Press the top seamTurn the dress right sides out and press the top seam very well with a hot steam iron.
Hem pressedPress the hem in the same way at the top seam with a hot steam iron. Make sure the seams are good and flat and the lining can't be seen from the outside.
Overcast the back edgesOvercast the back edges of the dress with a zigzag stitch.
Sew the back seamSew the back seam from the hem up, stopping at the mark for the bottom of the back opening. Reinforce the stitch line with a back stitch where you stop. Press the seam open.
Sew the sides of the collarSew the sides of the collar piece.
Sew the collar bottomSew the collar bottom, leaving an opening for turning to the right side.
Point turnerI used a point turner to turn the collar to the right side.
Collar half turnedI wedged the point of the tool into the collar and pulled one side of the collar to its right side.
The collar is turnedI turn the other side of the collar with the point turner. If you don't have this tool, a small stick-like object may work for you.
Sew the bowSew the bow, leaving a small opening in the bottom to turn it to the right side.
Clip the curves on the bow.Clip the curves on the bow and trim the seams to about 1/8 inch.
Point turnersHere is a set of point turners in different sizes. They are useful for turning various sizes of tubes. I used the medium one for turning the bow.
The bow is turnedTurn the bow to the right side. Tuck the edges you left open up inside the bow and press the whole bow very well with a hot iron.
Sew on the collarSlip the top of the dress into the opening in the collar and slip stitch it into place. Sew a snap (press stud) on the back to close the dress and a hook and thread loop on the collar to close it.
Sew on the bowSew the bow onto the side of the collar on the outside.

Amber Shows Off the Finished Pop Sugar Dress

The Finished DressAmber models the finished Pop Sugar dress.

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